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Thank You All

Today was quiet.
Today, tomorrow or day after tomorrow will be the same.
There would be nothing a special.
But there's nothing wrong I make in today's expectations.
. Hopefully I can be happy at the time loneliness came over.
. Hopefully I can still smile today tomorrow and the next
. Hopefully I could find it on this year
. Hopefully I could quickly pass
. Hopefully I've always given the health and long life
. Hopefully I could success and happiness my parents
. Hopefully I did not become a selfish, individualistic
. May I added mature and did not childish
. Hopefully I could be a useful
. May all my hopes could accomplished in this age

There are many more hope that I can not mention one by one.
I say thank you to all who have given me birthday greeting.
There's nothing I can give other than a thank you very much for remembering the day was born.

Love you all:):)